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State of news media 2015 - A rádio

Conclusão: A rádio é cada vez mais multiplataforma. Não há um processo de substituição (a internet não substituiu a rádio) há um processo de multiplicação. Com a Internet, há mais rádio nos nossos dias.
Do relatório State of news media - 2015:
More than half of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to online radio in the past month, according to 2015 survey data from Edison Research – a clear indication that online listening continues to move rapidly into the consumer mainstream. And more of that listening is now being done through mobile devices than through desktops. Traditional AM/FM radio, meanwhile, continues to reach the overwhelming majority of the American public – 91% of Americans ages 12 and older had listened in the week before they were surveyed in 2014, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Nielsen Media Research data, essentially unchanged from 2013. And Sirius XM – the only satellite radio platform in the U.S. – reported a boost in subscriber numbers of almost 7% from 2013.
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